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Austin TX show December 5th, La Zona Rosa

I saw Brian! In the flesh, right in front of me. I thought I could die happy right then. My God he is a sexpot. He is sex on legs. He is sex, period. Hotness. He wore a black sleeveless shirt and black pants and his hair was short and of course dyed black and a smidge longer at the nape of his neck than I've seen it in photos. His eyes are gorgeous! He did this thing at one point during a song where he put his arm over the mic and rested his chin on it and just looked out at us. It was like a puppy dog face, adorable! He looked out at the crowd a lot and he also had us singing along a lot. We sang Pure Morning & Where is My Mind with him -- that was awesome. Allergic rocked -- I was jumping up and down like a crazy person.

They opened with Bulletproof Cupid and that song rocks hard live. That really got everyone going! I can't describe the energy -- it was phenomenal. Stefan is MUCH better looking in person. (I'm with everyone who thinks he's really not attractive in photos but the man is hot in person.) He was not wearing a shirt and had these very low slung pants with a studded belt and he would just turn his back to the audience and get in the middle of the stage and wiggle his bum and dance sensuously, slinging his hips around and putting his arms out. He jumped into the audience at the end and I was just a wee bit too far so I couldn't touch him but if Brian had jumped out I'd have been able to reach HIM since I was of course more on Brian's side of the stage. It was a tiny stage and a really small venue. But alas he did not. He did say to be nice to Stefan, though ;)

They played Bulletproof Cupid, Allergic, Pure Morning, ("This is a song everyone can relate to") Bitter End, Plasticine, Without You I'm Nothing, Bionic, ("photo opportunity") This Picture, Taste in Men, Slave to the Wage, Black Eyed, Every You Every Me, Special K, English Summer Rain, Sleeping with Ghosts, Special Needs, I'll Be Yours and ended with Where is My Mind.

When they were going to play This Picture he was talking about how cellphones have cameras these days so he said this was a good "photo opportunity."

Stef started singing for a minute in between songs which was kind of weird because he made so sense but heck I was ok with it! LOL:) Whatever they want to do is fine by me. Because I'm so short I had to jump up to catch a look at Steve but I did see him at least once. Stef was way easy to see and I swear he like stared at me for about ten full seconds at one point and he was mesmerizing! So intense.

Brian is a sexpot, no two ways about it. I was simply standing there with my mouth hanging open in a daze. I was really gone. Just staring at Brian and staring. He looked out over the crowd a bunch of times so I'm sure he saw me in there and my God his eyes are gorgeous. All of him is gorgeous. He sounds wonderful live, too. I wish he'd talked to the audience more but all in all I had the BEST time. He did relate a kind of gross little story about throwing up his stomach lining after drinking too much and the toilet lid was closed. (I believe he said it was on an airplane?) Yuck. It was funny because he started out saying he'd had too much to drink the the crowd was cheering (what for, I do not know) and then he was all "and I threw up my stomach lining" and the crowd is silent for a second then you hear, "Ugh!" And then Brian says, "I just thought you'd like to know." Heh! When he closed with Where is My Mind he couldn't get the guitar to work at first so he says, "This song is called 'Where is my guitar sound?'" then he said the engineer was drunk and always 'works better under the influence'. Then while he sang the song he sang "Where is my mind -- it's in La Zona Rosa" -- the venue. It was awesome. He thanked everyone who had travelled to get there (we drove an hour and a half from sa to austin, not as far as some but still a longish drive just for a concert) and told us we were a great crowd.

He talked about not having been to Austin is a very long time and called it "your fair city" and said it was "where it all began." He also related a story of when he was sleeping once and talking in his sleep about "the enemy" -- "the enemy, the enemy -- I don't know who the enemy is. Who is the enemy?" He didn't say who he thought was, he was just sort of talking about this vague idea of "the enemy."

During Sleeping with Ghosts he did put up the finger and sang "Fuck the government fuck their killing fuck their lies." But thankfully he didn't go off on Bush like he usually does during Slave to the Wage. He did sing "Sick and tired of Maggie's farm she's a fucking fucking bitch with broken arms."

I bought a poster and T shirt -- their merchandise guy was British and lovely. He called me "love" and I asked if I could buy a poster if they had any left (at the end of the show) and he was all, "of course you can"-- a really nice, cute guy. Then he'd say, "Cheers!"

Stef would start clapping to get us going for certain songs and Brian had us all doing the "Ba da da da da da da" from Special K as well.

Brian talked a lot to the engineer who was just on his left -- he had a lot of sound effects going on and he'd tell the engineer to kick up the volume and the guy would kick it up and Brian would motion with his head like, "Yeah more, more!" and it'd get super loud. Yay Brian! I love it when it's loud. It was so loud I was practially deafend, hee hee. Brian also had a board or something he'd play with like for the part in English Summer Rain to get that neat sound. That melody that plays throughout the song but especially at the end there.

E (my bf) told me Brian grabbed his own crotch during Black Eyed but I didn't get to see because I'm too short, whaa. he said Bri did it when he sang "pleasure zone".

Brian and Stefan danced together only a couple of times and the only time they got very close was when Brian leaned forward into Stef's chest like he was going to lick him or kiss him or something but he didn't. He did have his face right in his chest though so that's something.

I didn't get any photos because they had said no photos and I didn't want to get kicked out. Some people did bring cameras and did take flash photos and I don't know if they got kicked out or not but I can tell you that there was some big fat guy going around through the crowd with a flashlight and every other song we'd move even closer to the stage so I guess some people were either kicked or just leaving. We started out about 20 people back and ended up being more like 8 people back at the end. Maybe even only 5 people back. We were pretty close.

Brian threw cigarettes out to the crowd at one point and also Stef put his pick in his mouth and sort of sexily sucked on it before using it to play a song. He's such a sexpot, really. They all are!

If ever they're anywhere near me again, I'm there. I must see them again. Brian is just beautiful. It is a real treat to see him live right there. I swear I was really lost when I saw him -- it was like looking at an angel. *sigh* I could just stare at him for hours. I'm sure he saw me a few times, too. I wasn't that far back really and they did shine the lights over us many times. He also stopped to look at us quite a bit and when he went to the far left of the stage (from my perspective) he got even closer and really LOOKED at us. He seemed to like looking at the crowd. Every time he did the crowd went fucking crazy, of course.

My God he's hot. And just seeing him was worth putting up with all of E's bad attitude and yelling at me. Because he was being a real dick to me. And he's been a dick today, too. Fuck him. I saw Brian, Brian saw me. All is right with the world.

That's all I can remember right now. I'm still on a high! I've got to go to Lord of the Dance with my family now:) W00t! I'm just more in love, enthralled, devoted, obsessed than ever!

(Shamelessly cross posted to every Placebo/Brian comm I link to on my journal.)
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