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Sleeping With Ghosts: A Placebo Community's Journal

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1st May 2004

steppi7:11pm: For the 2nd May...
Yep, i realise i'm 5 hours early for this, but to hell with it-
cebo day celebrations

Placebo Day HistoryCollapse )

So everyone, go & listen to all the albums, singles, b-sides, covers, watch the filmclkips, read interveiws, put on your merch... do anything Placebo related & go tell randoms how happy you are to be a fan ^_^

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15th April 2004

messycarla10:14pm: I've got a few screencaps from the documentary of the DVD on my site HERE. It contains spoilers, but it's basically just highlighting the funny bits.

xx Carla xx


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11th January 2004

euthanasia_1:58pm: I want to make a Bri/Placebo
mood theme before my paid account
runs out.

Can anyone supply me pictures of
Bri looked devastated or singing
his heart out, or anything?

If you could link me to a page
where there are pictures of Bri
in multiple moods, I'd be much

oh, could anyone help me w/ it,
cause I don't know how. heh.

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4th January 2004

euthanasia_5:52pm: xposted out of desperation..

I read the transcript of that a few
months ago.

Does anyone know where I can get the full

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28th December 2003

euthanasia_1:27pm: new community
I just made a new Placebo community.


If this is against the rules,
just delete it, sorry!

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10th December 2003

thricebitten6:23am: Hello everyone, I'm new here and I love Placebo (as if there is any other reason I would be posting an intro). Yeah. I've been into the band for a few years now, and they're probably my all-time favorite band. Hm. And Brian Molko? Pretty boy GOD. And that's how I feel about that. lol -waves-

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6th December 2003

schuywriter12:39pm: Austin TX show December 5th, La Zona Rosa
Austin TX show December 5th, La Zona RosaCollapse )
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24th November 2003

outcast2warren3:56pm: =) *sigh* placebo. enuff said.

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26th May 2003

harim4:26pm: anyone else see the new Placebo video for This Picture at thier website?

the video is great...i never expect anything less from them...

btw...sorry about the cross posting...

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25th April 2003

theevenstar12:24am: ?
what's up with this community? does the mod. not want it? if not, i'd be willing to take over.
Current Mood: thoughtful

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